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High-Rise Mixed Use Development Icon in West ShenZhen

QC One

QC One Plaza is located in Shenzhen OCT Area. The project is 248-meter, 57 Floor Highrise building with a total construction area of about 151,000 sqm. The complex itself is mixed-use vertical complex, integrating offices, multi-family residentials, and retail. As its main feature, it hosts an amenity clubhouse that is placed at altitude of 150 meters. The clubhouse itself feature a double height space and swimming pool overseeing the surrounding neighborhood. At the top of the podium, it also features a vast landscaped area that emphasizes an ease of pedestrian connectivity with surrounding plots.


In the façade, dynamically varied depth of aluminum spandrel created a flowing horizontal line that move up through the building. Such tiered horizontal expression is also carried from the tower façade, down towards the podium floors to create strong horizontal movement on the retail, town house areas.]

Scope: Architecture Design Development

Location: ShenZen, China

Project Type: Mixed-Use Building


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