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Summarecon Cluster Heron is Completed!

The long awaited #CompletedProject by Insada is finally done! A modern space with classical elements, Cluster Heron is Summarecon's newest luxurious development in Serpong. We had the opportunity to design two show units: Type 9 (9x11) and Type 11 (11x19).

Drawing from classical Roman interiors as inspiration, bold symmetrical paneling is utilized throughout the spaces. We've added a modern touch by creating a minimal black profile to create high-contrasting colors; the result is a sophisticated and dramatic ambiance.

Neutral classical palette of brown, gray, black, white and beige flood throughout the spaces to further emphasize high-quality, luxurious materials.

In contrast we used colorful and bold modern paintings, and chose specific lounge chairs to create accents within the space. Hence the space becomes a vibrant space at every corner. For the study and bedrooms we created a fun vibrant space. For example the boy’s bedroom has an up to date graphic along with a wall climb wall in blue.

The Master Bedroom we wanted to create an impressive and luxurious space. We used more subtle and monochromatic colors that flood from the bedroom area towards the bathroom and closet.

To read more on this project, visit our page


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