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Panca Jaya Setia Headquarters is Complete!

A leader in automotive service equipment provider, Panca Jaya Setia (PJS) has moved their workspace. Insada Integrated Design team has been tasked with designing the 5,600 sqm, 5 story interior space.

Lobby, lounge, and receiving rooms occupy the first floor of the workspace.

The second floor hosts large meeting rooms and open offices. The third floor features a function room, which connects to the bar lounge area.

The first three floors of the headquarters also host exhibition spaces facing the main street.

The first floor of these exhibition spaces showcasing their heavyweight items, while the other two display the rest of the PJS’ expansive product catalog.

Meanwhile, the fourth and fifth floor of the headquarters is the main core of the PJS office which is complete with interconnected double height space, working lounge, open office, meeting rooms, and enclosed director’s rooms.


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