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Cluster Heron by Summarecon Serpong Launching!

Cluster Heron by Summarecon Serpong launched on the 29th October 2022. Insada had the honor to design the interior of their Show Units. We were involved in the space planning, to ensure all units are able accommodate a flexible, exclusive lifestyle.

For Cluster Heron by Summarecon Serpong, we designed two distinct interior expressions for the two show units. For type 9x19 Premium, we implemented an Architectural Modernist expression geared towards a young and affluent market. Architectural massing is prominent in each space, emphasized with fine and elegant geometric lines. Calm, neutral, solid colors with luxurious materials dominate the space with selective saturated accent color to liven the space.

Meanwhile, type 11 showcases a more mature interior, with subtle earthy tones, gold accents and fluted lines.


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