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5 Ways on How to Make Your Place Look Luxurious

It's easy for us to be enticed at inspirational luxurious interior images or IG Reels and Tiktok Videos. Creating a luxurious space doesn't always have to be expensive. Luxurious is a feeling of an atmosphere rather than room size or branded pieces. It is the ability to enjoy the best in our respective life and celebrating the beauty in our surroundings. Did you know that there are strategies you can take to make your place look more luxurious?

1. Accesories

Accessories accentuate and add depth to the room; from books, flowers, picture frame, candles, to bowls. Not only will they make your apartment look fancy, they can also bring out your personality. Make sure to decluter your space first before adding the accesory pieces.

2. Carpet

An area rug can instantly enhance your living space by creating a luxurious and welcoming appeal. They visually anchor the entire room and make better accoustic. Position your area rugs centered to your living room or bedroom! The carpet will add warmth and texture to your room color palette.

3. Artwork

Artwork does'nt just showcase personality and style, they can also be placed strategically to create accent and fill your room. Depending on the room size and shape, artwork are used as a point of interest and can completely transform the atmosphere of a room. Use both a mix of sculpture and wall artwork depending on the room design. One tip is to center of the image and it should be at eye level.

4. Lighting Fixture

There’s something elegant about well-lit spaces. A combination of natural light and strategically placed lighting fixture is the perfect combination for a greate ambiance. Make sure to add layers of different types and sources of lighting with same color light (eg. pendant, floor, table, and natural ligh). Pick lighting fixtures that have reflective surfaces to add that instant luxury.

5. Accents

Room color palette can be monochromatic, but accents will lit up the room. Accents can come in form of color, texture, or furniture. Make sure to work with color palette that complement each other, rather than clashing. Colors like warm golds, sophisticated silvers and bronzes can add glamour to your rooms and make them appear bigger. Bright accent colors can also be implemented on hard furniture, carpet, pillows or chairs. While statement pieces like an accent chair that's different than other furniture can be focus of attention.


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