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5 Tips on How to Make Your Room Look Bigger

It’s always a challenge to maximize your existing space. We think about compromising what to keep or throw, or even rearranging objects to try to fit it. Throughout the years, we have come across many challenges in creating a livable space in such a tight dimension. The foundation needs to be a proper floor plan that’s to scale and throughout. Then, we can play with the interior materials to enlarge the space. Here are a few tips on what you can do to:

1. Mirror

Mirror is not always used to see your reflection but it can also create an optical illusion to make your living space larger than it seems.

2. Furniture choice

Choosing furniture that you love aesthetically might not be what your room can accommodate. Select furniture that is light so that it won't take too much space.

3. Choose monochromatic colors.

By choosing one or two colors that are similar shade, you are eliminating solid lines and helping to extend the space. Note that it’s okay to select a few accent colors!

4. Natural Lighting

In a limited space you can create a room with enough natural lighting that can come to your room

5. Open space floor plan

By creating an open space floor plan, you remove all room dividers that can be an obstacle and limit living space area.


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