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4 Tips on How You Can Integrate Storage in Your Apartment

In the last blog, we discussed how to make your space look more spacious. Besides implementing these elements and decluttering, your possessions should be strategically stored throughout the house. Check out 5 tips on how you can integrate storage in your apartment:

1. Kitchen Storage

For those who love to cook and always use your kitchen, you probably need a lot of storage. You need a lot of space for spices to dry goods that you buy in bulk. Besides creating the standard under-counter and above-counter cabinets, you can create a slide-out pantry to maximize your storage by utilizing a smaller footprint, with more storage. Besides that, you can utilize a drawer and transform it into a cutting board station. That will add more surfaces to work on while you cook and prep in the kitchen.

2. Sliding Panel

A sliding panel has been a feature that can easily help you create a multi-functioning space. One can be seen, while another be hidden. If you have a long space, you can integrate your TV onto your sliding panel. Then you can easily watch your TV from your bed, or living room, while at the same time hiding your storage or working table.

3. Transformative Working Desk

Don't have a place to get ready besides the sink in your bathroom? You can also integrate your working desk with your daily essentials. For example, two vital activities for a person to prepare for work are the ironing table and vanity table. Bear in mind that when you have a tight space, you cant reduce your working area and occupy it with your beauty products. Try integrating a makeup station fully equipped with a mirror and different compartments. Iron boards can also create a built-in iron board to save space!

4. Dining Table Murphy Desk

When you need a transformative space that changes when you're eating a meal, you typically can easily move chairs and not tables. A classic solution is integrating a murphy desk. This foldable table is a reliable solution for a dining table to reduce a lot of space. Expand your desk when you're ready for a meal!


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