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Contemporary Living within Tradition

Podomoro Park Bandung

Situated in a prime location on South Bandung and surrounded by tea plantations, Podomoro Park provides a sanctuary for modern urban families to reside in. The new development facilitates its residents with a world class home resort that’s harmonious with nature that comprises of lakes, clean air, mountain view, and generous space. The vast 10 hectardevelopment is meant to re-create Bandung’s rich history as the “Paris van Java”

To embody Bandung’s early development , Insada implemented “Contemporary Living within Tradition”, a blend of 1930s highly popularized art deco interior style, with current contemporary lifestyle. We selected rich material and bold geometric cubic forms to accentuate the interior surfaces of the building, and compliment the traditional Bandung building exterior. In addition, the furniture are contemporarized to displays luxury living, and prevalent for guests visiting the Marketing Gallery.

Scope: Interior Design

Pekerjaan: Desain Interior

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