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Rear Elevation of Paradiso Golf Villas Type 12


Single Family Residential

Modern Japanese Lifestyle with Exclusive Golf Access

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Paradiso Golf Villas is an exclusive single-family residential development in Jababeka, Cikarang. Located is designed to have un parralled access and visual connection to the immediately adjacent golf course.  Architecturally, Paradiso is designed to capture the essential principles of Contemporary Modern Japanese houses while still respecting the local climate. The result, Paradiso's architecture expression the combination of Japanese architecture principles and sensibilities of modern tropical architecture which results in a new architecture typology.

Type A: 145 sqm

Type B: 180 sqm

Type C: 231 sqm

Scope: Architecture

Location: Jababeka, Cikarang, Indonesia.

Project Type: Single-Family Residential

Paradiso Jababeka - Rear Elevation
Paradiso Jababeka - Front Elevation
Paradiso Jababeka - Rear Elevation
Paradiso Jababeka - Rear Elevation

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