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Multi-Family Residential

Japanese Inspired Golf Residence Lobby

Kawana Golf Residence

With a strategic view towards the golf course,
Kawana 1’s second floor lobby interior is designed to
be a visual frame to green landscape beyond the glass
wall. The deep tradition of the sport of golf and its
clubhouses is referenced in this lobby, from textures
that derives from luxury golf equipment & accesories,
sensuous aesthetic nature of golf courses, interior
touches such as leather and neutral color scheme.
However, for Kawana 1 we are shedding away a skin of
conventional and bringing a new skin of modernity. The
commonly wooden flooring is being replaced by marble
to add a sense of luxury and also bring lightness to
the space. The commonly heavy wooden furniture
found in golf clubhouses is being replaced into modern
sensuous furniture pieces that are strategically placed
to further support the framing of the view


Scope: Interior Design


Pekerjaan: Desain Interior

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