Becoming a main staple of the firm, INSADA’s hospitality division always feature mature space planning creating innovative, distinctive, and functional spaces.  INSADA’s design does not operate on a single design signature, instead, always adapting to the geographically sensitive aesthetic, materials, and technologies to support client’s need. This responsive design quality gives INSADA the opportunity to be involved in international hospitality projects from tropical resorts in Bali and Seychelles to high rise hotels located in metropolitan cities such as Jakarta.


INSADA specializes on multi-family housing projects throughout the years and has the opportunity to work on luxury residential projects all throughout Indonesia. Both in public and private spaces, INSADA’s sensitivity to the human scale is apparent in all of its residential projects - creating a comfortable habitable space. 


INSADA have helped both major firms and small start-up companies create new workplaces as well as revitalize old ones. We aim to produce an integrated design product capable of supporting employee work patterns, adapting to change, and responding to its environment. Design is taking greater importance as a tool for high level work performance


From restaurants, retail space, to ballrooms, INSADA’s design group have the expertise to relate to customers and visitors alike. Crafting a space that is efficient, supports community, comfortability, and natural progression of programs are a priority in INSADA’s design. Our team is ready to support the process at every level: from architectural and interior concept to store branding.


INSADA has been servicing the healthcare industry for 10+ years and have been sensitive to its ever changing trend. We understand that healthcare hospitality has been shifting focus towards personalization, service, and interaction with staff. That can include pre-registration, valet parking, greeting patients by name upon arrival, and self or mobile check-in—features that, by reducing wait times and putting patients at ease, typically increase satisfaction.